Our Corporate Profile

DANDE MOTORS, Renewable Energy Pvt.Ltd

Dande provides Electric scooters and motorcycles need very little maintenance. As Wired magazine's transportation editor Damon Lavrinc reported after an experiment of trying to go six months using nothing but a Zero electric motorcycle: with only a battery, a motor, and a black box (i.e. the controller) to keep you moving, electric motorcycles are a breeze to maintain compared to a conventional motorcycle, what with all the lubricating and adjusting and tuning you have to do. You basically just worry about consumables: brake pads, tires, maybe a brake fluid flush. That’s about it. Electric scooters and motorcycles equipped with regenerative braking typically have longer brake pad life because a significant portion of braking duty can be performed with the electric motor instead of the mechanical friction brakes

Vision and Mission

  • To be the best Indian Electric Vehicle company in India and abroad.
  • To constantly implement futuristic ideas delivering the best products and service.
  • To fight and reduce pollution by increasing the sales and usage of battery operated vehicles.
  • To grow as a company increasing our network to all of A.P and reach out to other states in india making our company a PAN India company.
  • To constantly evolve as a company and to meet and exceed the challenging competition in the market.
  • To implement application control over the vehicles to monitor and control illegal usage of the vehicles.
  • To launch multiple charging stations across A.P and India to simplify refueling for customers.
  • To understand and implement ideas complementing customers needs and satisfaction.
  • To develop and maintain a healthy relationship with every customer.

Our Achievements

  • DANDE is the first to implement Li-ion powered Electric scooters
  • First to launch premium bikes at affordable prices
  • First to launch Electric scooters in six different models
  • Successfully achieved dealers all over Visakhapatnam and 30% of Andhra Pradesh
  • With the best in-house service team, we are able to recognize and rectify problems in a short period of time challenging international competitors like Okinawa and Amphere
  • First to replace Led-acid batteries with Li-ion batteries (energy source of the future)
  • First to manufacture Li-ion batteries in A.P
  • A very strong R & D department constantly working on other segments of vehicles such as three wheelers and four wheelers (for both commuting and transportation)
  • First Indian manufacturer to implement premium safety features and upgrades such as keyless riding/locking, Anti-theft locking, regenerative breaking, front and rear disc brakes (scooter segment) etc,.
  • First to get appreciation from customer and political leaders for the initiative and our innovative ideas
  • First to get International Recognition and a contract to supply to DOMINOS Australia
  • First to customize scooters for corporate sector according to the customer needs

Directors Desk



Executive Director

My studies in Nano technology helped me to think out of the box and why not make people lives easier. So myself and my super well experienced directors decided to work on the electric vechiles and combination of batteries. Our work is to provide batteries that be nano in size or may use nanotechnology in a macro




Managing Director

After completing my Mechanical Btech, Masters in Business Administration from IIPM, I have worked in Malaysia in mechanical stream. Working abroad was an eye opener for me to give something back to the society, my country and tackle the vast global warming issue present in the world's ecosystem. I worked 2 years in India in electrical businesses



D.K. Chakravarthy


Mr. DANDE KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY has a Masters in commerce,Cost accountancy degree and has vast experience in business, mainly promoting a new business venture and establishing in the market. right from advertising firm , movies and audios ,real estate,mining,call center